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Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Gas Procurement

Gas Procurement

Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a better deal for your business gas.

Electricity Procurement

Electricity Procurement

All businesses use electricity.
Our UK-based customer service team takes care of switching, saving you time, hassle and money.

Half Hourly Metering

Half Hourly Metering

Businesses with half hourly meters consume significant levels of electricity and suppliers charge slightly cheaper rates.

What makes us different?

Buying at the right time by constantly monitoring the market.
This allows us to forward buy for our clients’ energy at the low points in a constantly fluctuating market.

Knowing your business and lowering your usage.
Our team of dedicated account managers will work with you to agree a smart meter roll out.

Multiple suppliers relationships. We contract with 21 major energy companies. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each client.

Supplier Vetting. Our suppliers are heavily vetted before being added to the portfolio. We don’t let suppliers with poor service or billing standards into the supply chain.

We use Smart Technology to proactively manage contracts and ensure you never fall on to high out of contract rates.
We have partnered with Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM provider.

Green Energy

We understand that procuring sustainable energy for your business may be a priority. We have a range of Green tariffs; all our Green Products use power generated from 100% renewable sources.

They come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a “Guarantee of Origin” (REGO), certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively from a sustainable resource.

Supplier Fuel Mix

By switching to a 100% renewable tariff there is the opportunity to report a saving of 3515.6 tonnes of CO2 in just 1 year for every 10,000,000 kilowatts consumed; up to 14062.4 tonnes over 4 years.


Source: UK Government GHG Conversion
Factors for Company Reporting

Our Energy Proposal

We will provide hand-picked options from the following providers:

We will present you with

An Energy Supply Insight – compared to last contract, indicative prices from a number of suppliers.

A fully delivered quotation excluding levies and VAT charges, breakdown of the costs and charges.

Forecasted cost management overview. Our recommendation based on our industry knowledge.

Account Benefits

Our experience in telecoms means we are used to regular contact with our customers.
Switch your business energy to Armstrong Bell and get the service you deserve.

  • Named Account Managers for your portfolio
  • UK based Account Managers
  • Account Managers provide a bespoke service
    and look to get close to the customer’s business to provide tailored support.
  • Invoice Validation
  • We are available to attend meetings throughout the year and support on site working within the business to build the relationship and make things easier for our customers.
  • 100% Green Energy (REGO backed)
    options available at no extra cost.
  • Structuring of Co-terminus agreements
    where appropriate.

Our Energy Solution

Effective contract management
Never go on to out of contract rates again.

Price certainty and future cost management
We can secure long term contracts to fix your energy prices.
We’ll also keep you up to date with market movements.

Effective renewal strategy
We will provide timely renewal quotations to give you time to decide.

Hassle free experience
We will free up your time to focus on your business and we will manage your supply contract from start to finish.

Portfolio management
We can take care of all your energy contracts with our tailored strategy. Expanding your premises? We can assist with site works for new meter points.


Energy prices look set to continue to rise generally based on current trends and forecasts. We are able to minimise the impact of increasing prices by securing a competitive supply contract.

A tailored energy solution, that’s right for your business. Some of our suppliers are able to quote up to 3 years in advance of current contract end dates meaning we can help align your portfolio where required.

Our proactive account management suite will ensure that you will always be provided a renewal quotation in advance of your contract end date. So that you are able to secure a competitive renewal quotation up to 12 months in advance.

We value our customers and will stay in contact throughout the lifetime of your supply contracts to ensure that you are aware of market conditions.