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Najma Ditta and Jamie Johns head up our new Telemarketing team

27 October 2020

Armstrong Bell is delighted to welcome Najma Ditta and Jamie Johns, who will be heading up our new Telemarketing team. With previous experience in sales and marketing, Najma and Jamie will play an extremely important role in establishing our Telemarketing department to promote Armstrong Bell’s Simple, Fast and Flexible communication solutions to businesses UK wide.

We sat down with Najma and Jamie to find out more about their background and what they are looking forward to most about their new roles:

Najma Ditta and Jamie Johns

Najma, Jamie, we are excited to have both of you onboard to establish our Telemarketing team! Tell us a bit about yourselves and background in the industry:

ND: Thank you, I think I can speak on behalf of both myself and Jamie when I say we have really enjoyed our first couple of weeks at Armstrong Bell! Everyone has been extremely welcoming, and we can’t wait to get things underway on the telemarketing team.

I have a strong background in sales and marketing, with previous experience in the financial and insurance industry. Although I have never worked in telecommunications, my previous roles have been client facing so I have great experience in customer relations and lead-generation which will be extremely beneficial in this new role.

JJ: Similarly to Najma, I have not worked in the telecoms industry before, but I used to run my own digital agency, so I am extremely experienced in lead-generation, telemarketing and customer service.

Why did you decide to join Armstrong Bell?

JJ: I think both Najma and I had similar reasons for joining the business. We were both really intrigued and excited by the prospect of being involved in a project that has been established to double the companies turnover.

ND: Definitely! The prospect of being involved in a brand-new department was extremely attractive and I wanted to be an integral part of the growth of Armstrong Bell by developing a strong Telemarketing team. I think coming into a well-established business, like Armstrong Bell, and being tasked with the role of setting up a new team was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

JJ: For me, I was looking for a new challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone. I knew Armstrong Bell was for me after meeting Nick, who is head of sales. His career, motivation and leadership resonated with me and I could feel his passion for growth. My family were a huge factor for why I took the role too. My partner has been so supportive in my search for a new opportunity to help broaden my horizons and I want to do well for her and my 4 daughters. I felt Armstrong Bell would offer great room for career progression and would allow me to channel my hunger for something new.

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

ND: I am looking forward to building a strong team that has a real impact on the success of Armstrong Bell. Telemarketing is a great way to create lead-generation and establish new client relationships, so I know myself and the new team will play a vital role in the continual growth of the business.

JJ: Playing a vital in the growth of the business is definitely something I’m looking forward to being a part of. It will be great to see how our work on the telemarketing team will help grow Armstrong Bell!

ND: On a personal level, the new role will bring great opportunities for individual growth to strengthen our current skills and knowledge in telemarketing, but with the new challenge of applying these skills to a new sector.

What are your long-term goals?

ND: I am very grateful to have secured this role and the scope for progression it will bring. My long-term goal is to establish a strong, successful Telemarketing team that plays a pivotal role in driving business growth over the coming years, whilst progressing personally in a managerial position.

JJ: I’d say I have similar long-term goals as Najma. I would definitely like to progress to a leadership role at Armstrong Bell, whilst continuing to be a part of the ongoing growth of the business.


Yes - Smart Working Please