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We never run out of IT support

12 December 2020

We never run out of IT support

This week I visited a shop called Mr Pretzel with my daughter – have a guess as to what I was ordering? And guess what they had run out of?

Yes Mr Pretzel… had run out of pretzels.

This reminded of the news story about Kentucky Fried Chicken a few years back when they – and you can’t make this up – ran out of chicken across many of their stores.

It stands to reason that if a particular product or service is what you are known for / is what you have promised to your customers, well, you really need to ensure you have it available.

I’ve spoken to a number of potential new clients in recent weeks, and their gripe with their current IT is very consistent – they are not there for them when they need them.

The service they are paying for and expecting – IT Support – isn’t available.

Now maybe it's because the IT company has other projects on that they are distracted with, or it may be that their sense of urgency is a mismatch with their customers, but either way the customer is left high and dry.

At Control and Shift we focus solely on our IT support service - our engineers are never seconded onto projects for non-IT support work such as website design or social media updates.

In fact, many issues that we receive are resolved on that first call. If a callback is needed then the customer gets that ASAP. As a result, we measure our resolution times in minutes, not in days.

So, unlike Mr Pretzel and even KFC, we never run out of IT support.

If that is the reliable service you require from your IT provider then please give us a call on 0333 344 8443 or via

Yes - Smart Working Please