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Armstrong Bell have over 20 years experience in the communications industry, and schools remain a key focus for us.

We understand that poor communications infrastructure can have a negative impact on lessons, students, staff and parents, and that investment in infrastructure requires a partner who understands your challenges, whilst building a strategy that looks several years ahead.

Benefits for schools

Efficiency: Saving Teachers’ Time

Good communications infrastructure should be reliable and seamless.  When staff trust that their systems and infrastructure work, they can use them to reduce workload by improving communication, collaboration, and planning. 

Reliable communication systems also eliminate the need for teachers to prepare alternative approaches, should technology fail.


Flexibility: Reacting quickly to changing environments

Being able to quickly change or adapt where and when you work, whilst upholding seamless communication with staff, pupils and parents is invaluable. Whether working from home, the classroom or on the move, choosing the right communications platform is key to delivering flexibility in the way your school reacts to change, both quickly and efficiently.


Effectiveness: What you can do

A well-functioning and well-maintained infrastructure:

  • allows teachers, students, and admin staff to use technology in a timely and appropriate manner
  • supports teaching and learning

For example, good infrastructure allows students and staff to:

  • log on to their devices quickly
  • share content and material
  • provide online feedback quickly and reliably

Economy: Saving money

The ongoing running costs of poor ICT infrastructure can be significant. For example, poor ICT infrastructure can result in schools needing to invest more in:

  • technical support
  • replacing individual parts

A planned programme of design, investment and support will reduce long term costs, whilst improving how you as a school operate, communicate, and educate.

Schools we work with...

Traditional on-premise telephone systems

Armstrong Bell are experts in installing and maintaining traditional NEC telephone systems in Schools. Built for simplicity and security, the easy to use system can be easily managed by anyone – with full training given at the point of install and ongoing throughout your time with us. Our engineers and technical team have advanced knowledge and experience of NEC telephone systems, meaning hassle-free installations and high-quality support and advice when you need it. The handsets are reliable, user friendly and a great option for Schools needing to handle multiple calls effectively. Even better, the SV9100 & SL2100 systems, support the use of SIP trunks, allowing the school to upgrade to the latest SIP technology.

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On-premise telephone systems

VoIP & Hosted voice

Our hosted phone system is a popular option for lots of schools as calls are made through a broadband connection as opposed to through a traditional landline, which reduces the cost significantly in comparison to an onsite PBX system – as long as your school has good internet access, the telephones will always work. This sophisticated telephony solution is a great choice due to its host of advanced features that benefit schools, whilst still being very easy to use, ultimately making communication handling a much faster and smoother process.

Our Hosted platform is looked after by the experts here at Armstrong Bell; we’ll be making sure calls are organised how you want them and will always be on hand to support and answer any questions you have, so that you can concentrate on the important roles of your job without needing to worry. You are able to manage all of the details of your phone settings yourself if you wish, giving you maximum visibility and control. For us, we realise that good management and understanding of your phone system represents your school as a professional establishment that cares about the experience people receive when contacting them.

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Fast installation – minimal disruption

Our focus is on providing an excellent level of service before, during and following an installation. We understand that when it comes to making changes to the school, the main priority is ensuring education is not disrupted in the process. With Armstrong Bell, you can rest easy knowing all installations are completed fast, and at your most convenient time –often completing all work during the holidays.