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Partnering with Arrow enables Armstrong Bell to streamline its supply chain

19 August 2023

Partnering with Arrow enables Armstrong Bell to streamline its supply chain

With its expertise and knowledge, Arrow is equipped and ready to support Armstrong Bell to deliver a wide range of products and expertise to our customers.


The Background

In 2022 following Armstrong Bell's acquisition of Control and Shift, we began to investigate partnering with a distributor. Arrow entered the scene in early 2023. Assured by Arrow that they would receive personal attention and an effective onboarding, Armstrong Bell decided that Arrow would become their distributor of choice.


The Challenge

With a daunting range of products out there, Armstrong Bell’s decision to acquire Control and Shift proved useful. However, Control and Shift did not have a broad range of products or expertise, rather a narrow set of customer requirements to which they reacted to. Armstrong Bell, having over 400 customers, wished to cross sell a product set, requiring a more proactive approach with its customers when it came to presenting its offering. With its expertise and knowledge, Arrow was equipped and ready to support Armstrong Bell on its journey. With a large focus on Microsoft, Armstrong Bell has already seen success working with Arrow as well as recently moving across with the Sophos business to ArrowSphere.

Arrow Cloud Backup will be the next focus for Armstrong Bell, as it seeks to take advantage of this opportunity. Arrow's Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is a fully managed backup-as-a-service solution to provide your customers with complete peace of mind that their data is protected.



The Benefits

ArrowSphere, Arrow’s Cloud delivery and management platform, appeared straightforward and easy to use to Armstrong Bell. The breadth of the portfolio available on ArrowSphere allowed Armstrong Bell to move their vendors over to ArrowSphere thus streamlining their supply chain.  Additional features such as scheduling contract terms has allowed Armstrong Bell to condense their licensing and billing around NCE.

Armstrong Bell particularly values the relationship it has with Arrow and places confidence in the support it receives, from technical support to marketing support. Having participated in a number of Arrow hosted events this year, Armstrong Bell have gained exclusive access to Arrow’s latest offerings and initiatives, ensuring that they have the most up to date knowledge.


The Future

As Armstrong Bell looks to continue its partnership with Arrow, expanding the relationship and making the most of the opportunities that come as a result looks to be what’s next on the horizon.


Yes - Smart Working Please