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Case Study

Armstrong Bell brings next-gen telecoms to South Bromsgrove school

Worcestershire telecoms firm Armstrong Bell has provided a feature-packed new system to South Bromsgrove School, improving connectivity and enabling it to exploit new technologies.

Armstrong Bell brings next-gen telecoms to South Bromsgrove school

The new system has already had an impact...

Replacing a costly and inflexible ISDN system, Armstrong Bell supplied and installed a modern, hosted VOIP solution with a package of features to support the school’s communications. With 150 staff and 1,300 students, the school required a local supplier that could provide a system that would provide advanced call handling features and one that would exploit the school’s existing high-speed broadband connection.

Janet Lines, facilities manager said: “Phones are a service that we have to have, and our old ISDN system was archaic. Every time we wanted to make a change, such as someone’s name on the system, we had to have people come in to do it - making maintenance slow and expensive. We needed something that would allow us to make use of our highspeed internet connection, introduce voicemail for all staff and allow us to use headsets - something our previous system didn’t support.

The system has put control of the phones back in the school’s hands through an online portal. The addition of an auto attendant allows messages to be put onto an automated system, passing information to pupils and parents when they call. Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows for users to make calls directly from their computers.

“The handover from the old system to new took less than a day and we had almost no down time. An Armstrong Bell engineer was then on site on the first day back at school to provide training to staff at the coalface.

“The new system has already had an impact. Just a few days after the install we had a power cut. Normally this would leave us without phones, however because our new system is hosted off site, we could log in to the portal and divert calls to a mobile remotely.”

William Copley, managing director at Armstrong Bell, said: “Being local to the school really gave us an edge. We were able to visit the school, provide training and support, and demonstrate the system to them before they committed.

“Our team worked closely with the school’s managers to provide a smooth transition to the new system, keeping downtime to a minimum. A team of three Armstrong Bell engineers installed the system out of school time and we provided a full day of training for staff on the first day back.”


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