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Diamond Branded Promotional Products

01 June 2020

Eco friendly promotional products - Diamond Branded

When we work with other businesses to find the best solutions for them, we make sure we offer great customer service. So that when the client is ready to go ahead, they would hopefully get in contact with us to get their telecommunications solution sorted. However, we also want to be in front of our potential clients so we are the first company they contact. The most effective way we have found to work is through promotional products. We are also conscious of our impact on the environment, so we specifically wanted to use eco friendly promotional products.


Diamond Branded

Over the years we have used different promotional products companies but none have come close to the level of service and care from Diamond Branded. As we provide the best customer experience we can for our clients, we also like to work with other companies who operate the same way. Diamond Branded also offers Eco Friendly Promotional Products as an alternative to what we normally look for.

Eco friendly promotional products

With the apparent concerns of climate change, and a bigger focus on sustainability, we need to start using more ecologically friendly products in everyday life. Corporate responsibility is also really important, which is why we are always looking for alternatives. Diamond Branded always looks for the more eco friendly promotional product option for us as part of the service. They talk us through why they are looking at certain products that would work for our audience and how they are more eco friendly.

Bamboo Wireless Charger

One of the newest pieces of technology, wireless chargers are great for two reasons. One, they are practical and will get used everyday. Two, they have our brand right in front of the client on their desk. The extra bonus is that they can be made from eco friendly materials. Bamboo is a more sustainable wood as it uses less space to grow and grows very quickly.

Bamboo FT Pen

Pens have been a staple of promotional products, but they can create a lot of waste. Diamond Branded offered a whole range of eco friendly promotional pens, from metal, to recycled water bottles. Again though the bamboo option offers a natural material that is biodegradable.

Bio Plastic Keyring

Plastic has been one of the most useful manufactured materials in modern history. It also does not biodegrade and a lot of products use single use plastics. This has been a huge factor in global warming and thankfully alternatives are becoming more mainstream. Diamond Branded have a range of keyrings, most notably a trolley coin, made from bioplastic. The bioplastic uses corn and sugarcane as the primary ingredients so there is no petroleum. Bioplastic is made to biodegrade in a landfill so it isn’t releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.


Why we use Diamond Branded

Overall we work with companies who are on the same page as us. We like to go the extra mile and so do Diamond Branded. What we also like about them is Diamond Branded also are based locally on the other side of Bromsgrove, so we can work with a business that helps the local economy.


Yes - Smart Working Please