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Yes - Smart Working Please

You've got 45 seconds...

26 January 2022

You've got 45 seconds...

At our BNI networking group we give a 45 second presentation each week on our company - yes, just 45 seconds!

It used to be called an 'elevator pitch' (in the 1980's I think...) - the idea being how would you pitch your company if all you had was a short elevator ride with someone you wanted to get the attention of?

I don't ride many elevators(!) but it's a good business exercise, i.e. can you boil down what you do to a few simple and clear statements?

To be honest, I cheated a bit, as I presented the below over 4 weeks, and focussed on one per week, but it's still a good summary of why Control and Shift represent a solid choice out of all the 100s of IT companies you can select from.



  • We resolve your IT issues - not partially, or in a way that requires further work, but fixed. Properly.



  • We respond quickly - many issues are resolved on the initial call, most others within the hour.



  • We proactively manage your IT - we're not sitting around waiting to react, we're always looking for ways to get the most out of your IT systems



  • Our pricing is fixed-fee - not just 'fixed for month one but then variable as we load in tonnes of extras. It's £45.00 per machine per month and that's it. It says so here.



If that sounds like the way IT support should be and you'd like to benefit from our services, please get in touch on 0333 344 8443 or via

Yes - Smart Working Please