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Too many IT cooks spoil the business broth

01 October 2021

Too many IT cooks spoil the business broth

In any sector, when there are multiple suppliers involved problems can arise.

Nowhere is that more true than your technology with internet providers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, telephony providers, website designers and leasing companies just some of the parties we regularly encounter while providing IT support to our customers.

Those suppliers each have their own interests and so you can end up with a Mexican stand-off of them each pointing their fingers at each other - each suggesting the solution lies in a different direction, as per the image above.

In our experience, many IT support companies are happy for their clients to do the legwork – contacting each of those suppliers in turn to try and identify where a problem lies, and then to encourage the relevant party to fix it.

For us though, that’s not IT support – it’s not really supporting the client if they have to use their time & energy on issues we have the answers to.

One of the first things we do with our customers is find out who all parties involved in their IT are and then we ask the client to ‘just call us’.

We’ll do the legwork, we’ll use our time & energy to get it resolved. One call, one result.

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