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The Benefits of VoIP Telephone Systems

01 June 2017

Benefits of VoIP | Armstrong Bell | Hosted Voice Systems

Here at Armstrong Bell we are proud to supply some of the best services for hosted voice and VoIP the West Midlands has to offer. 

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol - meaning that all telecommunications are transmitted over the internet. Our VoIP deals can help you transform your business with a professional yet affordable new telephone system that uses only the internet to deliver and direct your calls.

Through our hosted platform, we manage your telephone system's incoming and outbound calls so you don’t have to. However, we allow our customers full access to the portal themselves if they prefer more control and flexibility in making changes to their telephone system. If this is the case we provide a professional user interface.

Through this platform, your business can be assured that your clients are provided with consistently professional telephone correspondence. Using Armstrong Bell saves you the time, money, and effort of having to learn how to manage a phone system yourselves.

The benefits of VoIP telephone systems don’t stop there. With this system, your business will be able to monitor all lines, convert voicemail to email, report statistics and Wallboards on your call data, control caller ID and caller blocking, programme speed dial numbers and host group calls… as well as much, much more.

Why Come To Armstrong Bell for a VoIP solution?

As leading telephone system installers, we make switching to a VoIP solution quick and simple thanks to our team of expert technicians and 20 years of industrial experience. We port all required numbers into the system, guide you and your team through the new system, offer easy to use website interfaces, and provide ongoing technical support. With just one system and one provider, there’s only one call to make should you encounter any technical difficulties.

So, if you’re about to relocate offices, refurbish your office or simply want to upgrade your current telephony systems, give our specialists a call on 01527 834850; we will offer expert advice and recommendations on our range of hosted phone systems

Yes - Smart Working Please