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Hosted Voice – How Armstrong Bell Can Help…

07 November 2016

Hosted Voice | Armstrong Bell | VoIP Experts

Here at Armstrong Bell we have been providing an extensive range of telephony solutions for over 20 years, and are specialists in providing Hosted Voice technology to a range of UK businesses.

If you are looking to relocate offices or you are simply in search of a more efficient solution to your business’ communication system, then Armstrong Bell can help. With renowned customer satisfaction and expert skills and industry knowledge, we can enhance the reliability and quality your business’ telecommunications.

The Benefits of Hosted Voice

Hosted voice is an internet delivered telephony system, provided by a host company, such as Armstrong Bell. Hosted voice aims to make day-to-day business life easier. Transitioning to hosted voice is quick and easy and our team simply configures all hardware units and then ports any required numbers onto the system.

Hosted Voice gives you the freedom to work from any location, and by operating via VOIP telephony, Hosted Voice will not fail under extreme weather conditions unlike traditional phone lines. Benefits of switching to hosted voice include:

  • Phone mirroring (Calls to office numbers can ring both the office and assigned mobile number)
  • Feature-rich phone system
  • Mobility of work
  • Continuity and Reliability (unlike traditional phone lines)
  • Multimodal network access
  • No hardware problems
  • Highly scalable

We offer a range of flexible call bundles which can be easily tailored to your business’ demands and budget. To get you on your feet quickly, Armstrong Bell guarantees you:

  • Quick installation and set-up
  • Guidance through the system and answer your questions accurately and in full
  • Clear and easy-to-use information website interface
  • Reliability - a platform that you can trust
  • Predictable monthly costs and one clearly defined bill


Why Choose Armstrong Bell?

With over 20 years of experience, Armstrong Bell is a trusted and established telecommunications provider. We have a team of highly experienced specialists who provide a range of services including VoIP (Hosted IP Telephony), optical fibre, structured cabling, telephone systems and wide area network infrastructure.

We have been providers of digital and analogue telephone lines, non-geographic numbers and broadband services since 2001. We also offer business mobile packages which are not tied to one carrier, enabling us to tailor tariffs to your specific business needs.  For more information about our Hosted Voice or other services, call us today on 01527 834850 to see how we can help. 

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Yes - Smart Working Please