Hosted Voice - Managed VoIP for Business and IP Telephony

SIP Communications Platform

SIP Communications Platform

Venture is a telephony platform perfect for SMEs and some larger businesses with patented technology to be more reliable than other platforms on the market.


  • Call park, pick-up and group calls
  • Caller ID and Anonymous caller blocking
  • Automatic call back and “Do Not Disturb”
  • Music on Hold
  • Call groups and “Follow Me” hunt groups
  • Call and voicemail notification and forwarding by email and SMS


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Cloud Based Communications

Cloud Based Communications

Enterprise is a cloud based system which offers innovative yet simple, unified communications to connect your workforce and improve customer service.


  • Contact centre capabilities
  • Hotdesking
  • Local breakout for resilience
  • Advanced PBX Features
  • Work like you’re all in the same room
  • Unified communications



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SIP or Hosted?

Confused about the difference between SIP, hosted voice, VoIP, and IP telephony generally? We can help.


  • SIP Trunks are usually discussed in relation to telephone systems
  • Some Hosted Voice providers will charge for SIP trunks - we don't!
  • Most VoIP (Voice over IP) is SIP, but there are other protocols
  • Hosted Voice refers to telephones or softphones connected to the internet
  • Always ask if your provider has multiple sets of hardware and multiple sites
  • True cloud services are distributed and highly resilient


At the heart of our hosted voice services, you can see all the essential qualities of the Armstrong Bell approach:

  • Our commitment to cutting-edge, smart technology
  • Our focus on continuous improvement and development
  • Our dedication to listening and responding to customers
  • Our pride in offering intelligent and responsive support
  • And of course, our philosophy of fair and reasonable pricing


We simply port any required numbers onto the system - this can be done after roll out of hardware and configuration. With one system from one supplier, there’s just one call to make if you have any questions. The Armstrong Bell support team is UK-based, and we know these systems inside-out.

When you sign up with Armstrong Bell, we guarantee to:

  • Help you get up and running quickly and efficiently
  • Guide you through the system and answer your questions accurately and in full
  • Provide a clear and easy-to use website interface with all the information you need
  • Deliver a reliable platform, so you have fewer technical issues to deal with


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