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SIP Trunks & Business Phone Lines

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Armstrong Bell uses the best carriers in the UK. Including Openreach and BT Wholesale

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Traditional Phone Lines

Business telephone or analogue lines have been around for nearly 100 years. These traditional lines can be used for a simple, good-value phone line or use with – broadband, PDX, fax or alarm.

We offer competitive business analogue line deals to suit your needs; all of our lines are supported by Openreach, meaning you experience the highest quality of service, with minimal interruptions. Because we use the BT Openreach infrastructure switching your current line to us is a simple process and because we are a wholesaler, we can pass on significant savings to you for calls and rental.


ISDN2 & ISDN30 Phone Lines

ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) transmits voice and data signals concurrently over copper or digital lines via exchanges. Like traditional phone lines, ISDN has been around for many years and it is a proven technology strengthening the reliability when it comes to the quality of voice calls.

ISDN is still a present solution to we offer but most businesses are now moving towards VoIP & Hosted Voice solutions due to a number of reasons, particularly being the ISDN Phase Out which is happening in 2025. ISDN still has a place until then, however, you will not be able to purchase any additional lines in 2020. So now is a perfect time to review your telephony solution and speak us to find the best solution for your business.

Are you ready for the ISDN switch off?

What is SIP? Why SIP?

SIP Trunks are an alternative method to traditional ISDN and traditional business phone lines. SIP Trunking uses an internet connection instead of a physical copper line. Businesses are now using SIP Trunks as their preferred method of communication; this is mainly because:

  • Lower call charges – Sometimes as much as 60-80% cheaper than traditional phone lines. With the ability to add inclusive call packages.
  • Lower rental charges – SIP Trunks have a much lower rental fee and installation fee, and DDIs cost less.
  • More reliable – Offers a level of increased phone service reliability and protection from the phase-out of ISDN & copper lines.
  • Flexibility – Move offices and keep the same numbers, and ease of adding more channels
  • Strengthen customer service – Provide better service over by adding more international and geographical numbers, give customers increased options to dial in and elevate sales.

With SIP Trunks you want the confidence that you are choosing the right provider who is trusted and well connected in the industry. Armstrong Bell are leaders in SIP provision and can provide full support, security and service to any business; big or small.

Armstrong Bell can offer your business:

  • Competitive Costs – Full transparency in all our costs and competitive in the market.
  • Security – Fraud assurance is offered per channel to protect your business against call fraud.
  • Leading provider – We are partnered with one of the leading providers in the industry and have input over the control of the network and service.
  • Number Porting – We work with our provider to offer the ability to port any existing numbers over to us and can also provide DDI ranges.

Contact us today to reap the benefits of SIP and upgrade your communications systems.