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Armstrong Bell is a VoIP provider that goes beyond just offering a software package.

We believe in transparent and open communication from ourselves as well as the software.

We are one of the largest business VoIP providers in the West Midlands and come with a reputation of outstanding customer service.

We aim to be the best VoIP provider in the UK, and feel we are already one of the best VoIP providers in the West Midlands. 

What makes Armstrong Bell stand out as a VoIP provider?

A single point of contact

We believe it is important to speak to someone who understands your business. When you call us, you expect us to know who you are and what you do. If when you called, you had to explain everything over and over again, it would be frustrating. When you sign up with Armstrong Bell you will be given one adviser, who will work with you whenever you need assistance. You can also see on our “meet the team” page if your account manager is free, so you don’t have to wait on hold until they are available.

Proactive management

Your account manager will be kept up to date on any information in regards to your service. We want to make sure we are ahead of any maintenance or service issues that may come up and mitigate them before they affect you. Sometimes, something can happen outside our control, but we take all reasonable steps to ensure you get the best service possible. 

No jargon

It can seem confusing when looking into a VoIP provider, with technical terms that aren’t common knowledge. So we take steps to make sure we use clear language when we communicate with you. If we use any jargon then we will also explain what it means. We want to make sure any business that chooses to use Armstrong Bell when looking at VoIP providers understands exactly what we offer. 

Easy to access 

The VoIP PBX services we offer are all made with usability in mind. It’s great to have a voice provider that has dozens of features as part of the package, but not that great if they are hidden behind a frustrating user interface. Not only is the user interface clear, but accessing your account couldn’t be simpler. It is based in your web browser so you do not need to download any extra software. 

More than just a VoIP Provider

We are confident that we are one of the best VoIP providers, but it is not the only service we offer. We can offer full solutions for your business so everything is in one place and managed by your own account manager.

We also offer Business Mobile Phone Solutions on the best networks for business. If having a hosted or Cloud solution is not what you are looking for, as a VoIP provider we also have solutions that can integrate with an already existing network.

We also offer SIP Trunks for systems where you want to keep what you already have but increase the amount of users on the network.