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VoIP PBX for Businesses


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What is VoIP PBX

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which is just using an internet connection to make a call from one user to another.

PBX, private box exchange, is a business telephony system. Traditionally a PBX is a hardwire network using the pre existing landline.

A VoIP PBX is similar as it is still a telephone network, but instead it transmits voice over the internet instead of through the landline. 

Who would use VoIP PBX?

Although you could argue that any small business could benefit from a VoIP PBX system, these are the three industries that need  to consider it the most. 

Customer services

Probably the most apparent on the list, customer services and sales can become more efficient with a VoIP PBX. You can monitor call quality, either live or from a recording and automatically route calls to the next available agent.


If you have a business that can depend on having multiple department heads spread across the premises, the ability to dial to a direct person or department will be beneficial. The best part of using a VoIP PBX is that it doesn’t need more landlines installed, it will work off the existing internet connection.

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Travel Agents

With the influx of enquiries, and costs of flights being the cheapest they have ever been, you need to act fast to remain competitive. Having a system that receives the enquiry, passes it to a sales representative as soon as it comes through, and allows them to call within the small time window, will have a positive impact on conversion rates.

Why would you need VoIP PBX?

Switching from a fixed landline system to a VoIP PBX can offer many benefits and streamline a business’ workflow. The 5 main benefits of switching over to a VoIP PBX are:


If your business is making a large number of outbound calls from multiple users, a VoIP PBX system could save your business over 80%. International calls are also heavily reduced in price as they are not going through several exchanges. If you have multiple offices, you can call directly to a user, and transfer the call free of charge, as long as you are using the same system.


When growing your small business, the last thing you need is an expensive solution to adding additional lines. VoIP PBX systems allow a business to add users and phones without having to have more lines installed. Negating any cost when upscaling.


When it comes to installing a VoIP PBX system, you don’t necessarily need to have a specialised engineer to get it set up. It can be as simple as downloading software to a computer, and plugging in the phone. 

Hot desking/Roaming

There could be a situation where you may have several employees accessing the same computer but on different shifts. Without a VoIP system it would be difficult to see which user has done what on the system. In addition, if there is a member of the management team who spends time out of the office then they can log in remotely.