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Cloud PBX For Small Business

Cloud PBX for Small Business

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Cloud PBX, on the surface, sounds complicated and straight out of a science fiction novel. It is actually just a group of functions that you will most likely be familiar with already.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and is a network of telephony devices that are managed by a third party company.

The cloud, alternatively known as a hosted service, refers to the network being managed remotely by a third party company who are not on site.

None of the VoIP services and servers are located on the premises. Instead they are hosted on a server elsewhere. They are operated from what is known as a server farm.

Which is why it can save your company money. The entire system is accessed and maintained through an internet connection.

What are the main features for Cloud PBX for Small businesses?

You may be thinking that your business is only small and you might not require the expense of a cloud PBX for a small business. There are so many features that you can utilise in order to optimise your business, and save you money. If you plan to scale up your business then VoIP in general will allow you to add users as you go. Which is much cheaper than installing multiple landlines into the property. Here are a few key reasons to look at a Cloud Based PBX for a small business.


Cloud phone systems for small businesses are a great foundation to build your expansion. You more than likely already have a landline in the premises, so you will have the capacity for an internet connection. That’s it, that is the mandatory requirement for having a Cloud based PBX for your business. You can then choose to have a Desktop Phone connected if you wish, or run the entire phone system through the software application. Each team member can have an extension and if you add more people to the team, you just add them on as a user. The setup and maintenance is all done for you via the cloud PBX system. No need to install any hardwired devices at all.

Lower Cost 

If you are worried about cost, then a cloud phone system for a small business is the most ideal solution. Cloud based PBX systems are remote, meaning they are off site. You do not need to pay for any inhouse maintenance or expensive servers as there is nothing inhouse to look after. 

There is no extra installation costs, as everything runs from 1 central hub, down your internet connection.


When your business outgrows its current offices, you usually would have to pay and wait for the new premises to have your contact number. With a cloud based PBX system for small businesses, the switch over is just to log back into your account from the new destination. We  offer support on setting you up on a mobile device so you have remote access to the network as if you were in the office. Never needing an out of office contingency again if you are called out unexpectedly. 

What should you consider when looking for Cloud PBX for a small business?


In theory, a cloud phone system has a greater chance for not so nice individuals to attack the system. Anything connected to the internet can be vulnerable. However, we have reasonable security measures to ensure your data and company are safe from malicious attacks. A good measure to take in all aspects of interacting with the internet is to be vigilant and don’t click or download anything you don’t fully trust.

Call Quality

This is becoming less of an issue as the infrastructure around internet connectivity is improving, but call quality can be affected by certain factors. The call quality we offer is crystal clear and we will check your line to the best of our ability to ensure you get the right cloud based PBX system for your small business.