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Cloud VOIP Phone System

Cloud Phone System

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What is Cloud PBX?

To understand what a cloud PBX is, it is best to explain what is meant by cloud and PBX separately. In general terms, it is a phone system that is entirely accessed via the internet. So you can still use VoIP phones on a network, but there is no physical server on site.


When something is referred to as “the cloud”, it is just a broad term for anything that is run through the internet. A service or product you access that is not located on your business premises. Cloud based telephone systems are no different, they are hosted by a company on their servers and accessed remotely by their users. 


PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it is the term for a telephone system that a company uses to communicate internally and externally. Usually these networks use VoIP, Voice over IP, as you can have multiple lines running off one connection. So essentially, a Cloud PBX is just a connection to a phone network you would access remotely via the internet. 

Who would use Cloud PBX?

A Cloud PBX can benefit many different types of businesses. Especially a cloud PBX solution for a small business. A couple examples of which industries would benefit from a Cloud PBX are:

Customer Service

If your business is to offer an outsourced solution to customer care, or you have your own internal customer services in house, then you need a VoIP service. Having one line that can redirect to any specific member of the team is the only way to run a customer service setup. Moving it to a cloud system means there is no room needed to dedicate to a server, no maintenance costs to run the server, and no additional hires to maintain it. 


When starting as a small business, building a client base is important. If you have several employees making outbound calls then having separate lines is not going to work. VoIP services are essential, for multiple simultaneous calls out, training, and monitoring. 

What platform does Armstrong Bell use?

Armstrong Bell is a gold partner with Wildex. Wildex is the platform we use for our Cloud PBX and allows us to build the best solution to delivering quality voice clarity and a stable network.

What you get extra is our expertise and you won’t need to go through a difficult set up. Just plug in your phone, log in to the cloud phone system and you are ready.

What are the first steps to getting a CloudPBX Phone system?

Every small business is different, and therefore your needs may be different.

The first steps are to see if a cloud phone system is right for you. A cloud based phone system offers scalability and flexibility, but you may not have the internet connection that allows you to utilise it.

We always recommend speaking to us before making any decisions so we can work with you to get the most ideal solution.