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Telecoms systems – Simple, Structured and Professional Communication

07 February 2017

Telecoms systems – Simple, Structured & Professional | Armstrong Bell

Here at Armstrong Bell, we enhance the telecommunications of an extensive range of companies across the UK, by adapting your telecoms systems to the requirements of your business.

Communicating with your customers should never be difficult, and we understand that technology these days can be a bit tricky to get your head around. With this in mind, we make our telecoms systems simple to use and easy to manage. We fully install all systems, during which we provide guided instructions and advice to ensure you get the most out of your telecoms systems.

We know how important customer satisfaction is you and your business, and we want your customers to be able to contact you easily. By taking advantage of our flexible telecoms systems, your customers can avoid unappealing long call holds, lost messages and incorrect call routing.

You can contact your customers through a professional platform, made up of a network of SV9100 messaging solutions. This system automates your communications and provides an introductory instruction menu announcement listing a choice of dialling options, and after which customers can simply direct themselves to their desired party without needing an operator or to be placed on hold.

SV9100 Telecoms Systems

Equipped with integrated voice messaging and automated operators, the SV9100 telecoms systems can enhance the professionalism and efficiency of your business. Such telecoms systems can increase user productivity by providing them with greater call control and an easy-to- use transfer interface. Users will also be able to save, delete or keep voice messages and forward them to your email system. This simplifies message management and streamline business communications for your team.

Benefits of the NEC SV9100 Telecoms Systems include:

  • Future-proof Unified Communications
  • Simplified user licensing
  • System capacity up to 1296 ports
  • Range of mobility applications/devices
  • Wide range of keysets
  • Delivers on NEC’s green initiatives Unsurpassed warranty
  • Low TCO Vertical market-specific solutions
  • Voicemail fully integrated
  • Comprehensive contact centre suite

NEC telecoms systems are adaptable to both small and large enterprises who wish to benefit from IP and Unified Communications. With a broad range of industry-specific communication solutions, you can easily drive loyalty and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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