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Business Mobiles at Armstrong Bell | Improving business communication

13 September 2018

Business Mobiles at Armstrong Bell | Improving business comms

Business mobiles from Armstrong Bell are a great way too improve communication within your establishment. Communication investments and strategies may often be overlooked for small businesses; however, networking is equally as important for a small business as it is for a large ones. Here at Armstrong Bell, leading providers of telecommunication strategies and platforms, we are proud to offer a wide range of networking solutions that can be tailored to an all-manner of businesses and workforces.




The importance of business communication

A growing business relies on communication in and out of the office to gain custom, reputation, and staff productivity. Communication strategies are worthy investments if you are looking to improve and optimise networking between you and your employees and between employees and customers. Long-gone are the days where employees work at their desk all day, and work-from-home contracts are becoming an increasingly popular form of employment. In order to make sure communication is not jeopardised with employees who are not working in the office, it may be worth considering investing in business mobile phones.

Business mobile phones – The benefits

Equipping your team with a business mobile is a great way to ensure that everyone is reachable at all times. One of the most common forms of employee communication is work emails, however this strategy is not as reliable if you are contacting people who are not in the office and therefore may not be on their emails. Business mobile phones provide constant accessibility to emails and phone calls and mean that everyone can be contacted on-the-move and even last minute.

Small business mobile phones

Business mobiles are something we are proud to specialise in, here at Armstrong Bell. We’ve spent decades researching and perfecting our networking strategies to allow them to be used in a wide range of work environments and our business mobile phone plans are extremely versatile. We’ve got a wide range of mobile phone deals to choose from, which all offer texts, calls and data bundles at extremely competitive prices. Whether you choose capped or unlimited features, our plans are made with business strategies in mind, and are perfect for achieving successful employee and client networking.

Smart phones for businesses

Our business phone plans not only provide companies with the package deal, but also the actual mobile itself too. All of the mobile phones to choose from have been specifically chosen due to the extensive list of business and office strategies they can offer our clients. The state-of-the-art smart phones boast features such as shared calendars, note recording and call sharing and with plenty of storage to download additional apps and features, the opportunities are endless.

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Yes - Smart Working Please