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VoIP Meaning | What is VoIP and do I need it?

03 September 2018

VoIP Meaning | What is VoIP and do I need it?

As with any telephony system, before investing in VoIP it is important to make sure you understand the technology  and are confident knowing what it can bring to your business. As leading providers of telephony solutions, we understand that many of you may not understand the systems as much as we do, but you can rest easy knowing we’ll be here to answer any questions and enquiries before you make any decisions. We offer a wide range of communication systems and networking solutions for businesses and organisations but one of our most popular products is undoubtedly our VoIP & Hosted voice.

VoIP meaning – The facts behind the hosted phone system

VoIP meaning ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ is a type of hosted phone system which runs through an internet connection. The system uses the site’s internet to connect both in and out-of-house calls, and is hosted by the experts here at Armstrong Bell. VoIP for business has become increasingly popular over the years and the systems are often implemented into small and large companies as a replacement for landline phone systems.

Why is VoIP good for my business?

While landline phones provide a quality connection for phone calls, the rates can be costly and the features which a handset can provide you are incredibly limited. If you are a company which is regularly using phone calls as your main form of communication, you may sometimes struggle to ensure calls are being managed properly and issues such as backlogs may occur. By using a hosted IP telephony system, you will reap the benefits from its numerous advanced features which help to organise calls and provide administrative support when it comes to communication and networking with clients and fellow employees. All of these benefits might sound like they come at a price, however due to being run through a broadband connection, VoIP is incredibly economical and can save your company lots of money by cutting the costs of the traditional pay-per-minute phone call.


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Hosted phone systems at Armstrong Bell

We have two different systems that are both rich in advanced technology and features to benefit businesses and organisations.

  • Venture SIP Communications Platform is one of our systems, and is great for supporting SME’s and other large client bases and companies. With features such as Call Grouping, Automatic Call Back, and Hunt Grouping, the system is perfect for organising complex databases that contain large amounts of information.
  • Enterprise Cloud Based Communications is the second telephony platform we can offer our clients. Boasting features aimed to increase work productivity such as Hotdesking and a Contact centre, this system offers unified communications and connects employees to clients with ease and professionalism.

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