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SIP Trunks & Phone Lines

Armstrong Bell uses the best carriers in the UK. Including Openreach and BT Wholesale

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SIP Trunks & Phone Lines

Equivalence - the founding principle of the new telecoms landscape - allows equal access to infrastructure and services.  Armstrong Bell only uses the best phone systems, and with our caring approach and "right first time" commitment we can do more for less than our competitors.

We can supply everything you need:

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  • Discounted rates to save you money on your monthly bills
  • Multiple products, one bill that's easy and simple to understand each month
  • Telecoms estate management
  • Upgrade or install additional lines
  • Accessible and knowledgeable customer service


Line Rental from Armstrong Bell provides the full range of landline services you'd expect such as 1471, call waiting and ring back - further details can be found on our Select Services page.

All your existing business phone lines are integrated without any disruption to you or your lines and most importantly the day-to-day running of your business.

Please note that all phone lines are serviced by Openreach and remain on the BT network.

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