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Enterprise - Unified Communications from Armstrong Bell

Yes - Smart Working Please

Introducing Enterprise

Enterprise goes beyond hosted voice to become a truly unified communications platform for all businesses.
With the option of fully integrating with existing CRM systems true rich presence and collaboration tools are at your fingertips.

Out manoeuvre the competition

Do you know what hosted voice can do for your business?
Thousands of users are benefiting from Armstrong Bell’s innovative product mix to communicate more efficiently with customers and partners.
A hosted business phone system can have an impact well beyond simple dial tone.

Increased productivity

Technology is only helpful if it is intuitive and easy to use. By unifying multiple forms of communication into a single portal on your computer or mobile device, new recruits and existing staff will be:

  • Connecting via instant messaging
  • Checking voicemails though emails
  • Responding faster to customer needs

Switching to Enterprise couldn’t be easier

We simply port any required numbers onto the system - this can be done after roll out of hardware and configuration.

With one system from one supplier, there’s just one call to make if you have any questions. The Armstrong Bell support team is UK-based, and we know the Enterprise system inside-out.

When you sign up with Armstrong Bell, we guarantee to:

  • Help you get up and running quickly and efficiently
  • Guide you through the system and answer your questions accurately and in full
  • Provide a clear and easy-to-use website interface with all the information you need
  • Deliver a reliable platform, so you have fewer technical issues to deal with
  • Armstrong Bell has an outstanding track record for the reliability and stability of our systems and a reputation for fast, friendly and accurate support.
  • Enterprise re-defines the boundaries of hosted unified communications, and expands our range of off-site voice platforms. 


At the heart of Enterprise you can see all the essential qualities of the Armstrong Bell approach:

  • Our commitment to cutting-edge, super-smart technology
  • Our focus on continuous improvement and development
  • Our dedication to listening and responding to customer’s needs
  • Our pride in offering intelligent and responsive support
  • And, of course, our philosophy of fair and reasonable pricing


We don’t try to support every SIP device on the market, opting instead for full integration with the best equipment.
Ask us if we can support your legacy kit.



Contact Centre capabilities

Create agents and queues with advanced call delivery options such as longest waiting call to longest idle agent.
Eavesdrop for agent training and support.
Wallboards no longer require a PC, just a smart TV that can browse to a URL.
Create and schedule automatic reports, dig into the call data simply and efficiently.


Log into your phone wherever you are - in the city office, HQ or at home.

Local Breakout for resilience

A truly innovative approach to hosted voice. Benefit from scalable and
integrated unified communications, but maintain diverse routes over
ISDN in the event of connectivity loss. For call centres with critical uptime
requirements we believe this is a unique offering.

Enterprise pbx features

Enterprise includes all the features you would expect from a premium system including:

  • Call pickup, group callsand queueing
  • Caller ID, DND, call blocking, VIP call routing
  • IVR and announcements
  • Time of day routing
  • Bespoke music on hold
  • Call recording and voicemail to email
  • Reporting and statistics


Work like you’re all in the same room

Simplify your meeting solution to one relationship and reduce costs. Keep your organisation connected and productive, and work like you’re all in the same room. See how Enterprise can remove communication barriers and lower costs.

Simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video and sharing.

Productivity at home and away


Unified communications

UC helps employees be more efficient, making it easier to select the best way to initiate, receive and respond to business communications. UC is all about collaboration, boosting productivity, improving customer service, and enabling employees to work smarter.


Know whether people are available, away from their desk or out of the office and choose the best mode to reach them.

Instant messaging

Get what you need with a simple chat to your colleagues.

Unified messaging

Check voicemails, fax and call recording services directly from the desktop or mobile app.


Remote workers enjoy the same intuitive communications they would experience in the office.


Schedule a conference call from your desktop.

Single number reach

Your personal cell number stays personal. The single number reach allows users to be reached on any device.

Continual improvement

Enterprise is benchmarked against best in class and has an unbeatable mix of features. Talk to us about our roadmap for exciting additions such as video and more.

Yes - Smart Working Please