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Is an IT support contract simply an insurance policy?

27 August 2020

Is an IT support contract simply an insurance policy?

Talking to a prospective client recently, they said “Ah I see, so your fixed monthly fee is basically an insurance policy!”.

Well yes – and no – I said.

Let's first outline why there there is some truth in that suggestion.

It is insurance in that whereas some months you may use less of our service than others there will always be the day where the fact that it’s fixed fee gives you a big sigh of relief.

That will be a day with an internet outage, a ransomware infection or maybe flood damage – days when you don’t need a long discussion about hourly rates or how they will double after 6pm.

Days when you just need a business partner who will take that problem off you and get it sorted.

On days like that, the monthly charges we make do not compare to the potential costs to your business in lost work or reputation.

So yes, it’s a peace of mind service – it is insurance.

But - it’s not just that!

If it were then you would just pay your monthly fee and then not expect to hear from us until you needed to claim on that arrangement.

Ask any of our clients though, and you’ll find we are talking to them much more regularly than that.

It’s funny, but almost every new client who has told us that ‘once it all settles down, there won’t be much for you to do’ has only been half right.

We do settle their IT down - but it doesn’t go quiet. Instead our new client now has the time to think about how they’d really like to use their IT, and so we then have regular conversations about how they can get more from their existing equipment along with any new technologies they might consider.

So our service is an insurance policy, but it's also a full service with proactive advice that allows our clients to not just live with their IT systems, but to use them to the full within their business.

If that sounds like the kind of IT support you would enjoy access to, please contact Control and Shift at or drop us a line on 0333 344 8443.

Yes - Smart Working Please