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IT in Plain English

27 August 2020

IT in Plain English

On the website of the Plain English Campaign there is a list of companies that have been awarded their crystal mark for using language that is free of gobbledygook, jargon and misleading statements.

There’s quite a few public sector organisations on there, some financials and even insurance.

However, I couldn’t find one single IT company on there.

Does that surprise you? No, me neither…

Often IT companies respond in way that only bamboozle a client. Almost inevitably, that waffle masks something else and we simply tell them to be upfront and honest about issues. People can deal with that.

So if you're told that you need a Technical Advisory for all your Active Directory, DNS and WAN needs then we can certainly help with that. However, we will do so in Plain English.

If that sounds like the kind of IT support you would enjoy access to, please contact Control and Shift at or drop us a line on 0333 344 8443.

Yes - Smart Working Please