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What We Are

Control and Shift provide fixed fee support contracts that allow our engineers to focus on your IT requirements and provide the right solution every time.

We get to know our clients well, so we are aware of when an IT issue is critical to the business – and they get to know us well as we use the same engineers for the same clients, ensuring they build a good knowledge and rapport with the businesses we support.



What We're Not

We’re not in the business of agreeing a fixed fee contract only for regular ‘extras’ to then appear on your invoices.

We’re not looking to sell you what you don’t need – our business is based on our support service not on equipment sales.

We’re not a jack of all trades – rather, we have partner companies we can recommend and work alongside regularly in many areas such as cabling, telephone systems, security etc. They’re great at what they do because they are focussed on what they do – just as we are with IT support.

We’re not looking to lock you in to a service you no longer want – our contracts have a standard 30 day notice period. If you’re not happy with our service then we don’t want to make a bad situation worse. We’ve never had a client take us up on that offer though…



Control and Shift has been in operation since 2002, doing exactly what we do today – offering IT support to a high standard.

We have clients who have been with us since we began, and have consistently welcomed increasing numbers of new businesses who arrive via referrals from satisfied customers and colleagues.

That all comes from our fixed fee approach to what we do – once that fee is agreed we can focus fully on the service. Which is how we like it.



We deal with companies of many sizes, industries and requirements – firmly believing that there is a base standard of IT that all businesses need, above which there are requirements specific to their industry or size.

That means all our clients get that standard of service. We have no differing levels of service dependant on how much you pay us. If you are our client then we are your IT team, and that carries a singular level of expectation.

We believe in your getting a return on the investment you have made in the IT for your business, and so we will work with the equipment you have wherever possible.