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IT Support focussed on service not sales

21 July 2021

IT Support focussed on service not sales

It was a couple of years ago now, but I was shown a quote from another IT support provider to a company I was in talks with.

Their solution involved a new server for this 10 person business – at which point you already wonder if that solution is a bit much for that size of business.

However when I saw the quote I was amazed to see that they’d been quoted on a high-end server that wouldn’t have been out of place in a much, much larger business. The cost was a cool £7,500.

There were two issues with this – 1) this size of business is perfectly suited to the cloud and had no real need of a server and 2) the IT supplier were clearly trying it on.

Of course, from a customer point of view, when a supposed expert advise you that’s what you need you tend to double-guess yourself don’t you? “Oh, maybe that is what I need!?”

However, £7,500 would pay for over 16 years worth of cloud subscriptions for that company – the cloud was both the right and the (much) lower cost solution.

So if you'd like to enjoy the benefits of having an IT team that is focussed on service and not just selling inappropriate amounts of equipment(!), please get in touch on 0333 344 8443 or via

Yes - Smart Working Please