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Yes - Smart Working Please

Support for businesses with only 1 or 2 users

04 June 2021

Support for businesses with only 1 or 2 users

We’ve always been very open about our pricing. It’s on our website - £45.00 per user per month.

And that’s because that’s exactly how our service works - once the contract starts we don’t have to keep talking about money or explaining how the complicated pricing structure works, because there isn’t one.

We do have a minimum contract value of £100.00 per month, and we have clients with only 1 or 2 users who get all their IT support needs covered for that figure.

That £100.00 per month that gets a small businesses a full IT support solution, including:



  • unlimited IT support available via phone and email



  • support for your phones, tablets and printers is included



  • online backup to our own servers at our datacentre



  • dealing with other parties involved in your IT such as BT, Sage, etc.



  • the level of service that larger businesses expect but smaller ones are often excluded from.



So if your small business would benefit from top level support, please get in touch on 0333 344 8443 or via

Yes - Smart Working Please