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Yes - Smart Working Please

Spend money only on the equipment you need

13 May 2021

Spend money only on the equipment you need

When I worked for another IT business several years ago now, as engineers we were given a target to sales worth 50% of their annual contract value to each client.

So a client with a £10k a year contract would find themselves being encouraged to purchase at least £5k worth of equipment during that 12 months.

You’ll note that this wasn’t dependent on whether the client needed any new equipment or not - it was purely a sales exercise and so we were asked to find a way to sell regardless.

Not, I guess you would agree, in the client’s interest - and I was quick to move on when I was asked to work like that.

At Control and Shift, we don’t work like that - carrying large stocks of items that we then need to sell – it’s not stock ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap like Peckham’s finest used to do.

And unlike Del Boy we are not box shifters - keen to move onto the next customer as soon as one sale is agreed.

We are a service business and that is what we focus on – we’ll always advise if new equipment is needed and we can manage that from supply through to installation.

However, if a client needs no new hardware during the year then they won’t be asked to buy some just to satisfy someone’s sales targets.

So if your business would benefit from a focus on servicing your IT and not selling you unnecessary equipment, please get in touch on 0333 344 8443 or via

Yes - Smart Working Please