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Business Mobile Phones | Optimising company networking

13 August 2018

Business Mobile Phone Providers | Armstrong Bell | Company Phones

Armstrong Bell, are one of the country’s leading providers of telecommunication platforms. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we have established a wide scope of knowledge and experience in business networking strategies and are proud to offer a series of networking solutions that can be tailored to your business - including Business mobile contracts.

The importance of networking for your company

Communication in and out of the office is key when it comes to a smooth-running and productive workforce.  Whether you work regularly with customers, or spend lots of time liaising with the team, it is important to make sure everyone knows exactly what is going on to ensure tasks are completed correctly. However, if your company requires employees to work out-of-office, a business mobile is a simple way to ensure that you are still able to communicate with employees who are not on site.


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Business mobile phones – Worthy investments

Business mobiles offer reliable and fool-proof communication to you and your company – ideal for supporting a growing business. Equipping your team with a business mobile phone means that you are making sure everyone is reachable and on-hand for any tasks which need to be completed. Relying on emails can pose risks as the recipient needs to be on their emails to read it, and therefore if you need to get in touch with someone for a last-minute task or meeting this communication strategy can let you down. However, with a business mobile, you can ensure your team are always contactable; even at the shortest of notice.

Business mobile phones at Armstrong Bell

Armstrong Bell offer excellent telecommunication strategies to you and your business. Our mobile phone deals not only provide employees with the actual phone, but also accompany it with a well-priced mobile plan that offers a tailored text, data and call package. We have a selection of monthly plans to choose from which can offer companies unlimited texts, calls and data bundles that can help ensure communication is fully optimised within your workforce - all at extremely competitive prices. Using only the most trusted and established mobile providers such as O2, Vodafone and EE, our business mobile packages can improve networking in your team while offering your employees fantastic benefits through the use of a state-of-the-art device.

High quality mobiles for your business

The phones which are part of the business mobile plans we offer to our customers have been specifically chosen due to the various benefits and strategies they can give to businesses and offices. The top-of-the-range smartphones have the ability to record notes, arrange meetings and host shared calendars with fellow employees – perfect for organisation purposes. All of the devices boast enough storage to install additional apps and features onto the phones which can provide users with even more shared benefits.




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Yes - Smart Working Please