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Desktop Phones from Armstrong Bell

Desktop phones

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A desktop phone is similar to a regular landline phone in the sense you can dial using the keypad and pick up the receiver to make and receive calls.

The major difference is that a desktop phone uses Voice over IP, VoIP, to make calls over the internet. They are connected to a network of other phones in a company with different extensions, without the need to install multiple phone lines.

Are desktop phones digital only?

When it comes to desktop phones, they are digital connections, meaning they use an internet connection to make calls. A lot of businesses start out using an analogue line, which is the copper wire running down a landline.

The phones Armstrong Bell offer are all digital, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your analogue phone on the network. An adapter and a specialised device will convert the line to a digital one.

What brands of desktop phone do Armstrong Bell use?

We are constantly keeping our range of desktop phones up to date and relevant, to ensure we have the best hardware on the market. So which brands do we use? 


The market leader, NEC offers a full suite of options for desktop phones. They are reliable, feature rich, and use high quality components. When investing in a new system, you want to make sure you get it right. NEC offers great call quality and an array of features. 


If you are looking at integrating into an existing landline system, you may be looking at a SIP Trunk solution. Armstrong Bell doesn’t necessarily support every phone device, but we don’t aim to do so. We believe in getting the best technology and phone systems available. We do support a full range of Cisco devices however, as they are a predominant company in the VoIP market. Make sure to check with us on what devices we support.


A very well established video conferencing company. Yealink are also sold and supported by ourselves. We offer the Yealink T4X range such as the T46 and T48. 

Yealink T46

The T46 range comes with a 4.3 inch display, and 2 high speed ethernet ports at 1 Gigabit, meaning crystal clear and stable voice calls via VOIP. 

Yealink T48

Virtually the same as the T46 but has an increased display size of 7 inches, for much clearer viewability. 


Another big name in the VoIP desktop phone sphere is Polycom. We support a large range of Polycom devices, specifically the VVX range. So you can seamlessly integrate your existing system as well as purchase/lease up-to-date hardware. 

Do Armstrong Bell Lease or Sell Desktop Phones?

Currently, we sell the devices that we think are the best on the market. Depending on your business needs, you can choose to purchase the devices from us, or you can lease them as part of a monthly cost.

The benefit of purchasing means the desktop phones are yours, and there are no monthly lease costs. However, if you are looking for a completely supported solution with less expenditure up front, leasing the devices may be better.

It is best to speak to us to make sure leasing is right for you.