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Hosted Phone System | Armstrong Bell have got it covered

11 July 2018

Hosted Phone System UK | Armstrong Bell | VoIP

Regular and uninterrupted communication in and out of the office is essential for the smooth and successful running of any business.  But with technology developing by the minute and the telecommunication industry trying to keep pace, it can be hard to know what’s right for your company, let alone the prospect of implementing a new system with minimal disruption. Here at Armstrong Bell, we specialise in providing easy-to-manage hosted phone systems in the West Midlands, and with a team of highly experienced experts, we can help figure out the best plan of attack for your business.

Hosted phones systems

Here at Armstrong Bell we are proud of our West Midlands roots, but we can now also deliver the most reliable telecommunication systems on the market nationwide. Our hosted phone system UK is a telephony platform ran through hosted voice services. The system is a digital alternative to traditional office phone lines, which can provide more features to support both your clients and your employees.

Good for business

A VoIP hosted phone system is extremely advantageous in businesses, especially as communication is key to any company and can mean a damaging loss in profit. Our IP telephone systems are constantly monitored, which means you never have to worry. Having someone in control of the system decreases the risk of queues and backlogs of annoyed customers and ensures that everything runs smoothly for the clients and your employees.

We keep up so you don’t have to

Here at Armstrong Bell we make sure we’re always on the ball when it comes to new technology and systems. And that’s exactly why our VoIP hosted phone system is so beneficial to business, if there’s an update to roll out, we can do that for you quickly and easily with minimal disruption. It also means once you work with us, you never have to go elsewhere for the latest systems.

Greg Morall, from Leaping Man group has used Armstrong Bell for 10 years and said this, “I used to own an estate agency. And Armstrong Bell supplied all our phone systems there for six or seven years before I sold it. Most of the time when something does go wrong, other providers would say, "Oh, it's not us. It's this provider. It's somebody else who's let us down." So it’s just accountability, I guess with Armstrong Bell. They are always at the other end of the phone.”

We are constantly looking to progress and improve, that’s why we listen when our clients speak to us, Greg said, “we're having a new system put in. I spoke to Will about a concern I had. And he's passed that on to his team, and they are addressing that concern before it becomes an issue. I've dealt with other companies before; they've let us down. And so far, touch wood, Armstrong Bell have never let us down with regards to sorting out issues, or delivering on what they promised.”

If you would like us to listen to what your company needs, then help find the perfect solution, call us today 01527 834850. We will happily talk you through our hosted VoIP systems.  

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Yes - Smart Working Please