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EE is a mobile phone company that has gone through many changes over the last few decades. They are the result of an acquisition of 2 other mobile phone networks in 2010. It is now part of the BT group and has the largest customer base in the UK for any mobile phone company.

EE business mobiles are competitive in price, but also offer the fastest internet speeds on the market. EE offers a range of products as well as EE business mobile plans, they offer consumer phones and home broadband.

What is an EE business mobile?

When starting up a new business, or looking at how you are going to be contacted for work, you may be tempted to just use your current number. The advantage being you already know the number and can start distributing it out.

When it comes to running the lines through the business, it becomes a little trickier. Things like being VAT registered and showing that your bill is used predominantly for business calls can become more of a hassle for the end of year accounts. Especially as more and more employees are using their phones for work.

This is where an EE business mobile can help. Your clients can have a direct line to their account manager, even when they are away from the office. Plus with the ability to have unlimited data on the UKs fastest network, you will never be stuck with an extortionate bill for data use. 

What are the advantages of using EE Business Mobile?

Roaming and international

If your business requires international travel within the European Union, EE’s business mobile plans will allow you to use your phone in the EU for no extra cost. So you never have to choose between incurring charges and making important business calls. If you need to call from the UK to the EU regularly, you can easily add bolt ons to give you 100 minutes a month from as little as £5 ex VAT. 

5G coverage

EE is one of the leading providers in spearheading the new 5G spectrum. An EE business mobile plan offers the fastest and most reliable 5G connection on the market. EE is the network that historically pushes new technologies, being the earliest adopter of 4G. Coverage is also the best in the UK as per how much of the population is covered. So if your business requires you to go into the more rural areas, you are more likely to have a mobile signal connection. 

Why use Armstrong Bell?

We can offer deals that are exclusive to ourselves. EE business mobile plans will differ and we can tailor your package to your exact needs. We also offer the latest handsets and will manage the whole process for you.

Prices fluctuate in the market and some fixed plans don't offer you the flexibility you may need. As we offer complete solutions and take into consideration what your business needs, with multiple lines that can also share usage.