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Business Mobile Phone Packages

Business Mobile Phone Packages

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Are there differences between a business package and a consumer package?

When looking at business mobile phone packages, you will come across options in the consumer market. Some consumer packages may look a better value than some business mobile phone packages, but they can cause issues further down the line in regards to claiming as a business expense. 

Tax Deductible

One of the biggest differences between business mobile phone packages and consumer phone packages is how it can be claimed as used for business purposes. You can claim consumer packages as a work expense but you have to prove what usage is business and what usage is personal. A business mobile phone package is an easy and legitimate way to have your business pay for the usage and if you are VAT registered, you can claim the VAT back.

One Bill 

Business mobile phone packages allow you to consolidate all phones into one bill, meaning you don’t need your employees to claim expenses, making it a lot easier for accounting purposes. It also makes all your Business mobile phone packages easier to manage as they are all one place, you can easily see where you are. Assessing what you are using can help with cost savings as well.

What sort of packages can Armstrong Bell offer. 

Armstrong Bell offers several business mobile phone packages but our most popular are based on unlimited calls and texts. Using the biggest networks in the UK

Why should someone use Armstrong Bell for their mobile packages?

With outstanding customer service, a large choice of business mobile phone packages, and a dedicated account manager, Armstrong Bell offers more than just a network.

We make sure you are getting the most out of your plan and offer a management system so you can monitor and restrict what the mobile phones are used for. A business phone is for business and by limiting non work use on them will help with security and keep costs down.