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O2 UK was originally Cellnet, then BT Cellnet, prior to its inception. It was named O2 UK as they wanted to be a breath of fresh air in the mobile phone market, and launched on 02/02/2002.

O2 UK used to offer a range of consumer products, such as home broadband and even had a hardware device called the “Joggler” which was a very early concept of products such as Amazon Alexa. They were also the original UK carrier to have the Apple iPhone 3G, having it on an exclusive basis.

O2 business mobile phones are still one of the most popular options, as they are the second largest mobile network provider in the UK.

What are the advantages of using O2 UK Business Mobile?

O2 business mobile plans offer more additional extras you can add and remove as you need them. Flexibility is at the heart of what O2 UK do. They built their market share solely on being the most flexible network.

In the consumer market they split the contract into two, so you can pay the phone off whenever you want. As far as network reliability goes, O2 business mobiles are hard to beat.

Why should your company use an O2 UK Business Mobile?

If you are looking for the right business mobile for your business, it can seem like every provider has something to offer. Why would you use O2 UK over any other network? O2 UK was the biggest network before EE merged T-Mobile and Orange together. They also are usually the first to adopt a new technology.


O2 UK has one of the most reliable 2G networks in the UK. With coverage over 99% of the UK population, if calls are the most important part of your business then an O2 UK business mobile is going to be a very strong choice. The reason why O2 UK has such a strong 2G infrastructure, is because originally it was built by BT. BT was at one point the only telecoms company as it was government owned. Giving O2 UK’s network a head start. 

O2 Priority and reward system

An added extra for any O2 business mobile, there is an app that rewards customers just for being with them. Offering discounts and offers on big name brands or access to gig tickets 48 hours before general release. As the O2 arena is under the O2 umbrella, you can get tickets for the big shows before general release. 

Why use Armstrong Bell for O2 business mobiles?

When choosing a mobile plan, you don’t want to feel you are getting less for your money, just because you didn’t go directly. Armstrong Bell manages your account and will always look for the best solutions to your needs and you still get the benefits offered by O2 UK, without the compromise.

You still get the service you expect from an O2 business mobile, but with the added benefit of an account manager who understands what you need. Call us today so we can guide you through your options.