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Music on Hold

Music on Hold

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What types of phone systems can have music on hold?

Armstrong Bell offers Music on hold services that work perfectly with our VoIP services. VoIP services allow for multiple connections on one line and it is really helpful to have a way for your customers to get to the right department as quickly as possible. Sometimes they may need to wait on hold when you are busy, this is where music on hold services come in. 

Can you have a voice as well as music?

Our services can facilitate both voice and music on our hold services. It is important to keep your client on hold updated with information. So you can have the music play and periodically have a voice give information. 

What are the benefits of hold music? 

Hold music has many benefits, the main benefit is that hold music gives a clear audible signal that the phone line is still active. If the line was silent it could be confusing as to whether your customer is on hold or if the call disconnected. 

In a queue

Being in a queue is nobody's favourite way to spend time. It is a period of time which lacks productivity and as such can have customers hanging up and calling back later. A Music on hold system has a higher chance of keeping the potential client on the phone as they know they are in a queue. If the line is silent, they will hang up.

Calmer customers

Sometimes a customer is going to call with a complaint. There may be a wait on the phone and this could affect their mood. The longer someone waits while on hold, the more agitated they may become. Hold music helps alleviate this concern as it keeps the customer up to date and that they will be spoken to.

Advertising opportunity

While a client is on hold to talk to one of your team, they are mostly passively listening to the hold music. At this point you can use the voice option to offer other services. It is rare to get a potential customer to be focused so intently on your business, so this is the best time to capitalise and advertise what you can do for them. 

Sense of professionalism

When a potential customer calls your business, they have a certain expectation of the normal professional practices. If they call and are only greeted by beeping or ringing, then they may feel they aren’t calling a highly professional company and therefore terminate the call. Which could potentially mean a loss of sales.

Why should someone use Armstrong Bell for their music on hold?

Armstrong Bell offers many telecommunication solutions, from mobile phone plans to several VoIP system options. Having a dedicated company for all your needs streamlines your workflow. So it stands to reason to have us take care of the music and voice on hold systems for you as well. We only use music that brings value, calming your customer and making sure you are maximising every inbound call. 

Our Online Portal Makes It Easy

In our hold suite you can control the music that people hear and include scripts that are voiced according to your needs. All this is accessed through one point. Click here to access the portal and experience for yourself how easy it is to take control of your on hold marketing communications.

Call us today for an informal chat about how easy it is to take control of your business on 01527 834850.

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