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Music on Hold & Marketing on Hold

Music on hold

Music On Hold For Your Business

Being in control of what your customers hear when they contact you or what your staff hear when they call internally can improve sales and communication. It’s also proven that you are much more likely to retain a caller if you take advantage of music on hold services.


Improve Your Professional Image

You can make the most of waiting time with on hold marketing to introduce new products or services to your clients. Not only will your business improve its professional image to its callers but you can also improve sales by making the most of this marketing on hold opportunity. Making sure your customers are happy while they’re waiting is important for a good all-round service experience.


We Give You Complete Control

At Armstrong Bell we allow you to have complete control of your music on hold phone system and the messages you broadcast to callers. With so many possibilities to choose from you can make sure that your custom music on hold portrays the brand image you want to project. Whether it's business focussed or current affairs or relaxing music you can change it within seconds with the aid of our online portal.


Our Online Portal Makes It Easy

In our hold suite you can control the music that people hear and include scripts that are voiced according to your needs. All this is accessed through one point. Click here to access the portal and experience for yourself how easy it is to take control of your on hold marketing communications.


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