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Telecommunications Services From Armstrong Bell

Telecommunications Services

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What is Telecommunications?

In a literal sense, telecommunications is the transfer of information through various communication mediums. It can be a call through VoIP or a landline, or it could be a text message sent through radio waves. It is basically the umbrella term for any communication done through a telecom device or system. As Armstrong Bell is one of many telecommunications companies, you may be wondering why you would choose Armstrong Bell to support your telecommunication services. 

Why should you choose Armstrong Bell for telecommunications?

Armstrong Bell is a telecommunications provider, who puts our clients at the heart of what we do. As one of the UK telecoms companies we pride ourselves on offering several telecommunication services to suit any business needs. From small businesses looking for a cheaper solution to expansion, to already established larger companies looking to overhaul their network, we have you covered. 

VoIP & Hosted Voice 

VoIP is simply calling through the internet and can save you over 50% compared to a standard business line. You can opt for a completely cloud based telecommunications service, or have it hosted on site. Having it based offsite means you don't have to worry about housing a server onsite. Keeping costs down on maintenance and components.

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Business Mobile

Almost everyone in their personal life has some sort of mobile telecommunications device. Some employees will be on the road or will need to be contacted outside normal working hours. A Business Mobile allows for communication even when not in the office. We offer several telecommunications providers and will make sure to match you with the best service.

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Desktop Phone

To be used with a VoIP system, a Desktop Phone is an internet based phone that plugs into your computer and a router or switch. You can have several on a single line and they are connected to each other via extensions so everyone in the business can contact another without having to physically go to that department. 

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Telephone Systems

Upgrading your Telephone System will allow your company to take advantage of several features and can also save you money. We offer help with telecommunications systems for a wide range of sectors. Such as Schools and education, office spaces and hospitality. 

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SIP trunks is another type of phone line. Using the internet to make calls. It is a telecommunication service that has become the preferred method for most businesses. Mainly due to the cost savings, flexibility and scalability.

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Phone Lines & Billing

Not only does Armstrong Bell offer VoIP telecommunications solutions, but we offer more traditional options if your phone line does not need all the extras from ISDN lines. Landlines are copper wires running an analogue service that does not need extra energy to power the telephone device. 

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Business Broadband 

There are a few things all businesses need, one is a product or service they offer, and the other is a connection to the rest of the world. Historically, a business needed a phone line to contact prospective clients, or for them to contact your business. Now business broadband is one of the most essential services to a successful business. Regardless of what you need your telecommunications to do, an internet connection has become the minimum. 

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As a UK telecom company, we have dedicated services to help with data cabling and engineering. Cabling is something that needs to be planned out effectively and is an important factor in health and safety. 

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Music on Hold

Using music or voice for clients calling in can help with increasing sales, and keeps customers calmer on the phone. People do not like to be left on hold, but it will happen. So a professional and friendly upbeat hold music can help make it more pleasant. 

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Energy & Utilities

We also offer help with energy and utilities. We have relationships with many providers and constantly check the market for the best rates and we can help with saving on energy spend with smart meters. 

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