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Business Phone Deals

Business Phone Deals

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What are business phone deals?

Business phone deals is mainly a term used to describe a special offer on phone plans. However, it is also used interchangeably with the word packages in some cases, which can make it a little confusing to find the right plan for you.

Are deals and packages the same?

The terms are used interchangeably to convey mobile phone plans. Business phone deals should refer to a mobile plan that has either something extra or cheaper than the regular plan. A package is the term used to explain what is included in the monthly cost of the business phone plan

What sort of deals can Armstrong bell offer?

Armstrong Bell offers three major networks and each one comes with unlimited minutes and texts. Meaning you will never be charged extra for a local or mobile call in the UK! The three networks we offer business phone deals for are EE, O2-UK and Vodafone.

Does Armstrong Bell offer the latest handsets?

It is not just the business mobile deals we offer on the plans, we also offer the latest in mobile handset technology. From the latest Samsung handsets; to the next best Apple iPhone; we are always keeping our range of mobile phones fresh and up to date.

Why should someone choose Armstrong Bell for their business phone?

Business phone deals are forever fluctuating, and it can seem a little overwhelming finding the best packages for your business. We keep our pricing sharp and we take the time to understand exactly what your company needs. The part of our business we are particularly proud of is our customer service. There is no quick sale and turnover, every sales agent will talk you through everything and help with making the right decision for you. You can also fully integrate into your existing VoIP systems so 

Mobile Data Management

With our Mobile Data Management (MDM) client, you have control of all your employee’s devices, track location and activity. This allows your company to practice the policies within your business and maintain the desired level of security across all platforms. These phones are to be used for business purposes to help streamline work. It is important to protect your company with the  highest form security.